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PETRO ENERGY DORSA (PEDCO) group was founded in 2004 as a leader supplier of different kind of Valves, piping material like fittings, flanges, pipes, tubes, process equipment including pumps, compressors, blowers, fans, filter, Mixer, and … in oil & gas, petrochemical, refinery, chemical plant, power and alternative energy industries

PEDCO offers integrated, tailor-made and sustainable solutions that make it possible for our business partners/customers to increase efficiency while simultaneously having a positive environmental impact.

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions is crucial to achieving sustainable development goals of people, businesses and societies.

PEDCO Mission

  • Innovative trends in Supply chain of Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Expansion joint, Manual and Actuated valves, HIPPS, Filters and Filtration system, Pumps, Utility systems (air/gas compressors, power generators), Process systems, Fixed equipment (Tank, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanger), mixer, Instrument equipment, with well-known suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Always moving forward for more professional services
  • Supply from our stock in Dubai and Tehran

PEDCO Vision

  • Aim to become a main regional supplier of equipment throughout Middle East
  • Providing excellence basic and detail engineering, procurement supply management and construction services in EPC project.
  • Establish valve manufacturing plant in Iran to produce Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe and Check valves with different types of material, size and standards under license of well-known world class manufacturer.
  • Financing EPC projects (EPCF)
  • Technology is transferring virtually in every business sector, We will go on the Internet to strength our business


PEDCO Development

Since 2016, PEDCO has established the holding group of EPC/EPCF/PC companies to handle the projects from all stages including engineering, procurement, construction and financing in different field of pipelines, wellhead facilities, power plants, etc. PEDCO holding intends to handle turnkey construction contracts to deliver a complete facility and infrastructure.


PEDCO’s Competitiveness Advantageous

  • We completed more than 500 projects in right time, right cost and right quality
  • Customer satisfaction is not just a banner for us, this is our standard
  • We are carrying out our project from engineering stage to final delivery all by ourselves
  • PEDCO’s strong financial flexibility
  • We maintained our business relation with our customers from the day of establishment


 Why PEDCO ?

  •  20 Years Experience
  • Professional  Management
  • Powerful team
  • International credit
  • High Responsiveness Commitment


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